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There are a few important points about our cover we need to confirm, so you can check that our Student Driver Insurance policy suits your needs.

  • You have been a permanent resident in the UK for the last three years.
  • You are a student in higher education or boarding school and can provide us with a .ac.uk or .sch email address.
  • Our policy acts as a secondary insurance whilst you are driving a car owned and registered by someone else, and is not suitable as main insurance on the car.
  • The vehicle must remain insured by the main owner throughout the term of this policy.
  • The vehicle is valued at £30,000 or less.
  • You accept there is an excess of £500, which will be payable in the event of claim.

If the above statements apply to you and you wish to proceed, please read the terms of business document and click Proceed to Step 2.

By clicking Proceed to Step 2 you accept you have read our Terms of Business Document